Monday, March 30, 2015

I have Orange Hair....

Okay this week was super!!:) First of all... my hair is orange hair now... whoops... we tried to color my hair back to blonde but its orange now so i might have this gay guy on the corner color it:) haha umm our neighbors caught a squirrel and I am pretty sure they ate him for dinner because we havent seen him in a few days. haha We caught a lizard in sacrament, named him captain, and brought it home to eat all the spiders in our house!!:) What a life. haha I seriously love it here. 
Okay so we got to baptize Juan de Dios this week. His last name seriously means "of God". He is our little miracle. This is they guy we have been teaching with president... he lives 45 minutes away but we were lucky enough to get to go with president to teach him. He has changed his life for this gospel. The day before his baptism we decided to invite this 70 year old guy to the baptism. His name is walter... he read the whole book of mormon in 5 weeks and has a testimony but he wouldnt be baptized cause he wants to be baptized in 3 months-__- anyway after Juans baptism, after the font was drained and we were wrapping things up he said "I want to be baptized right now!!" so we filled the font and ended up having two baptisms Saturday!!:)

Monday, March 16, 2015

First baptism :)

So this is my first baptism:) His name is Fran :) They found him right before I got here. So he was found by accident!! haha They found a guy named Francisco on the street and asked where he lived, later they went to the house he said he lived in and they said he lived somewhere else. So they went to the other house and the guy there said he knew where he lived and walked with them to another house where he went inside and got a guy named Fran. It was not the same guy that they found on the street but it was a guy named fran. They were actually really freaked out by him so they just invited him to church and left. Then he showed up at church and the rest is history. :) haha He's awesome!!:) 
-Hermana Humpherys
(sorry about my awkwardness in this picture. haha the awkward missionary is already setting in)

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Hey Friends! I am a Nica now. I really do love it here and I dont feel like I live in a 3rd world country. I really feel quite lucky actually. A lot of the people we teach live in houses made of sheet metal. So compared to them we have it made. The people here are so nice. For the most part all of them are willing to listen to us. We get fed by members every night. The food is really good here. I just try not to look at what I am eating because it looks pretty gross sometimes. haha but I havent gotten sick yet. My mommasita (the one that makes our lunch and does our laundry) is awesome. She tells me that she is going to make me fat because I am going to lose weight everywhere else. hahah Shes funny. Her daughter Kristi is so sweet too. I miss you guys tons. This week was really good. We taught lots of people, set a few dates, oh and we got to work with president. That was unexpected but it went very well:) Also we are teaching these people from blue field, they speak english!!! Its english creole (look it up on youtube) so it is kinda hard to understand them but I will take what I can get. They are so funny. haha We invited them (dwight and mel) to a baptism and when we went to pick them up Dwight was wearing a bob marley hat, a rosta necklace and bracelet, and shorts covered in rosta colored weed plants. hahahhah The word of wisdom lesson should be fun. haha  Oh by the way my companion rocks. She is from payson. I love her so very much. Today I spent the day with a latina missionary because my comp had to go to choir. Yeah I am so grateful for my american companion. She has helped me a lot. and she likes to work hard which I really like. She rocks:)
Anyway I love you guys.
-Hermana Humpherys

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Almost Done Here!!

Okay well I only have 11 more days left in Merica.... Ahhhh so crazy and exciting. I cant wait to be there. I just want to see them and tell them that Heavenly Father loves them!!:) Thats about all I know how to say... haha not really but close.
This week was a good one. I continue to see miracles happen everyday and I'm only in the CCM. I am so grateful for the love God has for all of us. I know he loves us. I know it. I am so blessed to have the Companion that I do. She seriously rocks!! She is singing at a devotional this Sunday which is cool cause she had to tryout in front of the MTC presidency and I got to go with her. So yeah, she is basically the best ever. We have so much fun together and I definitely needed her to be my first comp.
Besides the mini heart attack I had when I realized how close I was to leaving, everything is wonderful. I love everything about being a missionary. It is weird to think that I'll be home in 17 months..... I dont want it to end!!:( haha
Love you guys!!:) Be happy and have a wonderful week!!:)
Love, Hermana Humpherys

-Hermana Ashcraft purposed with a Valentines ring. She asked me to be a daughter of God and i said yes!;)

My tag

Happy Valentines Day!!

Well tomorrow is Valentines Day and I want all of you to know that God loves you and so do I!!:) I hope it's the best valentines day yet.
Can I just say that my favorite accessory is my missionary tag. I love wearing it and I love seeing others wearing their tags. How great is it that we get to be serving the Lord? It's the best thing ever!!!:) I really do love it.
This week was normal for the most part, class all day everyday. Yesterday was probably the best though because all of our moms send valentines packages and it felt like Valentines-Christmas. It was so fun!!! Then we had a rap battle and I won. haha
Oh we got two new sisters in our room on Wednesday. One is from El Salvador and the other is from some little 3rd world island by New Zealand and she doesnt speak English..... She understands very little English, she is very jet lagged, and the has been writing in her notebook since the moment she got here. Last night she wrote until 12am with the lights on.... then woke up at 5 this morning and turned the lights on. -__- La lucha es real (the struggle is real).
Its all good though, I've been praying for her with my missionary powers. Thats got to count for something right?
Anyway I love you all so very much. Keep being wonderful. I love you guys.

On the Wall

I am still really enjoying the CCM (MTC in Spanish). My comp rocks and sometimes I think we should be comedians...we are so funny!! haha My district is hilarious as well.
So this week was interesting:
On monday we were just sitting in class and a branch president form another district (President Nelisson) walked into our room. Only the 4 of us Hermanas were in the room (I dont remember where the Elders went) but he was like "how are you guys?" and we said we were good. Then he said he had a feeling he needed to come talk to us. So we started talking and it turns out the district he is over is on the 3rd floor and we are on the first floor. First he started talking about sister missionaries and telling us that about 90% of sister missionaries are average and 10% of the sister missionaries are outstanding. He told us he wanted us to be in the 10% even though he didnt know us. He told us the reason sisters have a harder time on missions is because everyone has always told sister missionaries how wonderful they are so when they get in the field and someone tells them their messages is stupid the sisters usually get sad, he told us to use that as motivation.
Then he talked to us about Samuel the Lamanite and how we need to be like Samuel because Samuel wasnt just a basic missionary, he was one of the best missionaries ever to live. Samuel was a COR missionary. COR stands for "culture of righteousness" missionary. COR also stands for power, because when you are doing anything physical your core is your power (he is a football coach). This is how it works: good missionaries try and they get blessings, better missionaries have exact obedience and they get miracles, the best missionaries are the COR missionaries and they receive Power form God + miracles + blessings.

   Best: COR=POWER
  Better: exact obedience=Miracles
   Good: trying= blessings

COR missionaries wake up at exactly 6:30 and not 6:31 because COR missionaries wouldn't dare disappoint their Father in Heaven. Exact obedience isnt enough. We need to be doing everything we can to be worthy of Gods POWER, miracles, and blessings. We need to be like Samuel. We need to stand on the wall and tell the world of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. So that is what my companion and I have committed to do. Every time we dont want to do something we say "stand on the wall" and it reminds us who we are really working for.
 Then President Nelisson said "who's the one that thinks they are struggling with Spanish" and I slowly put my hand in the air. He said "follow me" so all of us sisters followed him up the stairs and he took us to this room and told me to sit in this chair. He then proceeded to tell me that he was in that exact chair 22 years ago and that he didnt know Spanish but the rest of his class did. He said they used to have to pass lessons off with their teacher and one day his teacher told them it was time to pass lessons off so he ran up to the board and put his name in the last slot so that he would have more time to prepare. As he sat back down the spirit told him to "knock it off" so he went back up to the board and put his name in the spot to go first. He said he went out and taught the best lesson of his life. He said that he was saying things he didnt even know in English. Then he told me that I have to "knock it off" he told me that the Lord will help me. He said "Remember how Nephi broke his bow? Well Nephi didnt break his bow, the Lord broke his bow. Its not about the stinkin bow and its not about the stinkin Spanish! You need to have more faith in the Lord. Trust him. God isnt going to leave you alone." I felt like I had been slapped in the face with the spirit!!! Then he said "as a missionary it's like we are running at a brick wall, we run at it full force, 100 MPH, and instead of running into the wall we need to trust that the Lord will lift us over."
I know that I am going to Nicaragua for a reason. I know that the Spanish will come. I can do this, but not alone, I need the Lords help. He will help me. I have committed to be a COR missionary. I know this church is true and I know that missions are hard but a mission is nothing compared to the sacrifice made for us through the Atonement. I love and miss you guys. Be great. BE ON THE WALL!
-Hermana Humpherys

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week #2

Well I made it to Sunday! Everyone always says just make it to Sunday. It wasnt that hard actually... I really am enjoying myself here. Yeah sometimes its hard because I dont know Spanish and but I always manage keep the bigger picture in mind, and that is, bringing people to Christ. I want people to know they have a Father in Heaven that loves them and I want people to know who JesuCristo is and what he did for them. I cant wait to be in the field. I love the people in Nicaragua already and want the best for them.God loves all of us. I'm grateful God called me on a mission. This is where i need to be.
This week has been a blast!! So starting with our first lesson on friday, we have taught 8 more lessons. On Tuesday we taught a new investigator named Maria and she was a little sassy to say the least. She rolled her eyes when we asked if we could start with a prayer. Anyway I was trying to say something to her and she looked at me like I was stupid so I say "sorry i dont speak spanish, i speak english and sign language" in Spanish. Then she perked up and wanted me to teach her how to sign, we went over the alaphabet, how to say her name, how to sign the book of Mormon, families can be together forever and so forth. It was cool because that is how we got into our lesson about the book of mormon. On Sunday my branch prez had interviews with all of my district and when i was in my interview I told him that i spoke ASL and he said "Heavenly Father knows your talents Hermana Humpherys, he is going to use them. The Lord is going to need your ASL abilities to teach someone." I knew he was right but I didnt think it would be 2 days after he told me that. God knows us!! It asn't until last night that I realized what I was doing wrong. Me and my companion have been planning these great lessons that we feel will help our investigators, but we havent been listening to what the people really need. We havent been listening to the spirit. So yesterday our prayers were answered, we finally realized that we need to teach by the spirit. Thats what we did and I have never felt the spirit so strong before. Yesterday we taught about Gods love. El nos ama. I am grateful for that knowledge and the opportunity to share that knowledge.
You guys are my favorite. Keep being the people that I know and love. Life is good, God is great. Be happy.
-Hermana Humpherys

oh and I got a pic with Elder Napoleon before he leaves. :)