Monday, March 30, 2015

I have Orange Hair....

Okay this week was super!!:) First of all... my hair is orange hair now... whoops... we tried to color my hair back to blonde but its orange now so i might have this gay guy on the corner color it:) haha umm our neighbors caught a squirrel and I am pretty sure they ate him for dinner because we havent seen him in a few days. haha We caught a lizard in sacrament, named him captain, and brought it home to eat all the spiders in our house!!:) What a life. haha I seriously love it here. 
Okay so we got to baptize Juan de Dios this week. His last name seriously means "of God". He is our little miracle. This is they guy we have been teaching with president... he lives 45 minutes away but we were lucky enough to get to go with president to teach him. He has changed his life for this gospel. The day before his baptism we decided to invite this 70 year old guy to the baptism. His name is walter... he read the whole book of mormon in 5 weeks and has a testimony but he wouldnt be baptized cause he wants to be baptized in 3 months-__- anyway after Juans baptism, after the font was drained and we were wrapping things up he said "I want to be baptized right now!!" so we filled the font and ended up having two baptisms Saturday!!:)

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