Monday, March 30, 2015

I have Orange Hair....

Okay this week was super!!:) First of all... my hair is orange hair now... whoops... we tried to color my hair back to blonde but its orange now so i might have this gay guy on the corner color it:) haha umm our neighbors caught a squirrel and I am pretty sure they ate him for dinner because we havent seen him in a few days. haha We caught a lizard in sacrament, named him captain, and brought it home to eat all the spiders in our house!!:) What a life. haha I seriously love it here. 
Okay so we got to baptize Juan de Dios this week. His last name seriously means "of God". He is our little miracle. This is they guy we have been teaching with president... he lives 45 minutes away but we were lucky enough to get to go with president to teach him. He has changed his life for this gospel. The day before his baptism we decided to invite this 70 year old guy to the baptism. His name is walter... he read the whole book of mormon in 5 weeks and has a testimony but he wouldnt be baptized cause he wants to be baptized in 3 months-__- anyway after Juans baptism, after the font was drained and we were wrapping things up he said "I want to be baptized right now!!" so we filled the font and ended up having two baptisms Saturday!!:)

Monday, March 16, 2015

First baptism :)

So this is my first baptism:) His name is Fran :) They found him right before I got here. So he was found by accident!! haha They found a guy named Francisco on the street and asked where he lived, later they went to the house he said he lived in and they said he lived somewhere else. So they went to the other house and the guy there said he knew where he lived and walked with them to another house where he went inside and got a guy named Fran. It was not the same guy that they found on the street but it was a guy named fran. They were actually really freaked out by him so they just invited him to church and left. Then he showed up at church and the rest is history. :) haha He's awesome!!:) 
-Hermana Humpherys
(sorry about my awkwardness in this picture. haha the awkward missionary is already setting in)

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Hey Friends! I am a Nica now. I really do love it here and I dont feel like I live in a 3rd world country. I really feel quite lucky actually. A lot of the people we teach live in houses made of sheet metal. So compared to them we have it made. The people here are so nice. For the most part all of them are willing to listen to us. We get fed by members every night. The food is really good here. I just try not to look at what I am eating because it looks pretty gross sometimes. haha but I havent gotten sick yet. My mommasita (the one that makes our lunch and does our laundry) is awesome. She tells me that she is going to make me fat because I am going to lose weight everywhere else. hahah Shes funny. Her daughter Kristi is so sweet too. I miss you guys tons. This week was really good. We taught lots of people, set a few dates, oh and we got to work with president. That was unexpected but it went very well:) Also we are teaching these people from blue field, they speak english!!! Its english creole (look it up on youtube) so it is kinda hard to understand them but I will take what I can get. They are so funny. haha We invited them (dwight and mel) to a baptism and when we went to pick them up Dwight was wearing a bob marley hat, a rosta necklace and bracelet, and shorts covered in rosta colored weed plants. hahahhah The word of wisdom lesson should be fun. haha  Oh by the way my companion rocks. She is from payson. I love her so very much. Today I spent the day with a latina missionary because my comp had to go to choir. Yeah I am so grateful for my american companion. She has helped me a lot. and she likes to work hard which I really like. She rocks:)
Anyway I love you guys.
-Hermana Humpherys