Monday, March 16, 2015

First baptism :)

So this is my first baptism:) His name is Fran :) They found him right before I got here. So he was found by accident!! haha They found a guy named Francisco on the street and asked where he lived, later they went to the house he said he lived in and they said he lived somewhere else. So they went to the other house and the guy there said he knew where he lived and walked with them to another house where he went inside and got a guy named Fran. It was not the same guy that they found on the street but it was a guy named fran. They were actually really freaked out by him so they just invited him to church and left. Then he showed up at church and the rest is history. :) haha He's awesome!!:) 
-Hermana Humpherys
(sorry about my awkwardness in this picture. haha the awkward missionary is already setting in)

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