Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week #2

Well I made it to Sunday! Everyone always says just make it to Sunday. It wasnt that hard actually... I really am enjoying myself here. Yeah sometimes its hard because I dont know Spanish and but I always manage keep the bigger picture in mind, and that is, bringing people to Christ. I want people to know they have a Father in Heaven that loves them and I want people to know who JesuCristo is and what he did for them. I cant wait to be in the field. I love the people in Nicaragua already and want the best for them.God loves all of us. I'm grateful God called me on a mission. This is where i need to be.
This week has been a blast!! So starting with our first lesson on friday, we have taught 8 more lessons. On Tuesday we taught a new investigator named Maria and she was a little sassy to say the least. She rolled her eyes when we asked if we could start with a prayer. Anyway I was trying to say something to her and she looked at me like I was stupid so I say "sorry i dont speak spanish, i speak english and sign language" in Spanish. Then she perked up and wanted me to teach her how to sign, we went over the alaphabet, how to say her name, how to sign the book of Mormon, families can be together forever and so forth. It was cool because that is how we got into our lesson about the book of mormon. On Sunday my branch prez had interviews with all of my district and when i was in my interview I told him that i spoke ASL and he said "Heavenly Father knows your talents Hermana Humpherys, he is going to use them. The Lord is going to need your ASL abilities to teach someone." I knew he was right but I didnt think it would be 2 days after he told me that. God knows us!! It asn't until last night that I realized what I was doing wrong. Me and my companion have been planning these great lessons that we feel will help our investigators, but we havent been listening to what the people really need. We havent been listening to the spirit. So yesterday our prayers were answered, we finally realized that we need to teach by the spirit. Thats what we did and I have never felt the spirit so strong before. Yesterday we taught about Gods love. El nos ama. I am grateful for that knowledge and the opportunity to share that knowledge.
You guys are my favorite. Keep being the people that I know and love. Life is good, God is great. Be happy.
-Hermana Humpherys

oh and I got a pic with Elder Napoleon before he leaves. :) 

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